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Monday, August 29, 2011

Talking to Grant McDuling about His Children's Book, Ollie Saves The Day

I am a full time writer, having written 35 books so far, many of which have gone on to be best sellers with sales well over the million mark. Most of these books were ghost written for clients all over the world.

I live in Brisbane, Australia but have lived and worked in Ireland and South Africa, the land of my birth. I am passionate about the craft of writing, I am embracing new technology and love writing for the Kindle. My other passions are electronics, radio and music. I am a proficient Morse Code communicator too. My other passion is the navy, and I have served in two navies so far: the South African Navy and the Australian Navy.
Tell us about the genre of your work. 
The majority of my books are I business books. However, I have written a novel that has been picked up by a movie company, four books on investing in the real estate market, a book on motorcycles, and a children’s book.
What are some of your books, stories that have been published?
This is the story of an Irish migrant family and their struggle to buy their own stud farm in Australia towards the end of the 19th Century. Kieran O'Reilly, the 14 year old son of a horse breeder and trainer, is delighted when his father, Dermot, secures a deal to rent a run-down stud farm on the Darling Downs from Old Man Purcell, a wealthy and unscrupulous Englishman who is shedding his farms to buy into a local brewery.
The rent is high and much needs to be done on the farm. And to make matters worse, Purcell has laid down stringent conditions to the deal, the most crucial of which is a payment deadline.
Time is running out. What the O'Reillys need is a winner. Follow Kieran's exploits, and learn why he lands up fighting in a war far away from home. Find out too how his fortunes change as he strives to do what must be done.

What is it that causes the average person to tingle with excitement when hearing the sound of a highly-tuned motorcycle at full cry? Why is it that the curious mixture of petrol, lubricating oil and burnt rubber smells so appealing? And why is it that the motorcycle ranks in the minds of many as nothing less than an object of sheer beauty?

In this book, classic bike enthusiast Grant McDuling aims to provide some of the answers. This book has been updated with the addition of 46 pictures.

Write for a Living in 7 Easy Steps  

Most writers dream of one day being able to go it alone — of being able to write full time without having a boss to answer to. They know too, that the only thing that can possibly top that adrenalin rush they get from seeing their work being published is that wonderful feeling of contentment and achievement that can only result from knowing they are in total control of their existence.

Most know deep down that chances are this will remain a dream. Yet they continue to dream.
This book is all about making that dream come true. It’s about showing you the way to turning your writing ambitions into reality — and to earn real money as you do so.

This book has been written so it is easy to understand. It will give you a new perspective on the business of writing. It will make you think about writing in a whole new light. By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll be in possession of the most powerful, easy-to-understand and implement recipe to kick-start your career as a full time writer.

and,  Ollie Saves The Day, plus a whole bunch for other authors. I am currently working on another novel.
What ages do you direct your books?
Classic Motorcycles - An Enthusiast’s Guide. Classic Motorcycles:
It depends on the book, so they are directed to all ages. Ollie Saves The Day is aimed at young readers who love reading and playing soccer.

Tell us more about your children’s book, Ollie Saves The Day. 
Ollie loves soccer. All he wants to do is to play for a team … a real team. He loves nothing more than to kick his soccer ball at his local field.

He dreams of playing for the Sandown Rovers one day, but he does not think he is good enough. In any case, none of the local boys ever want to play with him. All of that is about to change when the Rovers play against the Rams, who are at the top of the league and would be hard to beat. At stake is a place in the semi-finals.

This book is available from as a Kindle book only. ASIN: B004UGMZ1W.

Do your books have a teaching objective?  If so, what is it?
Certainly. It is all about giving someone a fair go and accepting them for who they are. It is also about following your dreams and staying true to yourself. I wrote this book without pictures because I believe young children should be encouraged to read longer stories so that they do not lose the art of concentration; I think there is a strong chance they will develop shorter attention spans due to modern technology.
What is your favorite thing about your book?
So many young children love sport but have conflicting emotions due to peer pressure. I think not much has been written with soccer as a theme even though it is the most widely played sport in the world.
Is your book illustrated?  If so, would you tell us by whom, and if you worked with an illustrator, can you discuss that experience?
I drew the cover picture.
How is writing in the genre you write, different than other genre?
I have found the main difference is length of scenes. I tried to keep each relatively short without talking ‘down’ to the reader. I think it is important to treat young readers intelligently. By that, I mean they invariably have a far higher level of intelligence than we give them credit.
Are there any problems in getting children’s’ books published?
Absolutely! This must be the hardest genre of them all. Competition is fierce, so that is why I have published exclusively for the Kindle. This way I can ensure publication at a price that I think suitable. 
Why and when did you begin writing?
I began writing around 1964 when I was just 10. I started a ‘newspaper’ which I sold. My Dad was a career journalist and I delighted in being taken to his newsroom to watch the action.
What is your writing schedule?
I write from 8:30 until 4:30 each and every day of the week. I write for a living on a full time basis.
What projects are you working on now, or plan for the future?

I am writing a novel called The Vortex and the Leach. It is a thriller with a little paranormal tinge. I am also writing short pieces like letters, blogs and brochures for some clients here in Australia. In between that, I run an international ghost writing group that has a few hundred members.
What kind of advice or tips to you have for someone who wants to write and get published?
The big thing is to just do it. Writing is a craft that takes practice. The more you practice the better you will become. The thing is to stay true to yourself and resist the temptation to write for a market. Write what you want to write about, how you want to. The other thing I would recommend is to remember that writing is a business, so develop your business skills too.
Are there any other comments, advice or tips that you would give to beginning writers?
Get as much information and advice as you can. You really do not need to reinvent the proverbial wheel. And, it was with this in mind that I wrote Write for a Living in 7 Easy Steps (ASIN: B004T4LH28), in Kindle format.
What do you do when you are not writing? 
I spend time on my amateur radio station communication with people all over the world. I also enjoy gardening, listening to classical music and visiting my grown up children. Then, in addition to that, I like to spend time serving at sea with the Royal Australian Navy.
Anything else you would like to add?

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Grant McDuling is a Brisbane-based writer who has written 35 books so far. He has published three as Kindle books.  Grant is a well-known ghostwriter, having written for a range of clients all over the world, Many of his books are now international best sellers with sales in the millions.

Grant has been writing since 1978 and now is a full time writer. His other interests include amateur radio, computers, electronics and classical music. He is also working hard at improving his golf swing.
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