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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marsha Maurer Has a New Book Released, Whatever is Lovely

Marsha Maurer is the author of With Healing Wings, A Fragrant Fullness, and In the Garden, which won the Georgia Author of the Year Award in 2000 for Inspirational Nonfiction.  The author has taught English, literature, and writing at colleges and universities in the United States and Europe.  Whatever is Lovely, her latest book, recounts experiences from her travel, entertaining, homemaking, gardening, wardrobe design, and life with her husband, all with grace and refinement.

Tell us about your newest book. 

I am excited about the release of my fourth book, Whatever is Lovely: Design for an Elegant Spirit.  The book emerges from my observation that a woman often spends more time selecting a perfect pair of shoes than considering the inner qualities she wishes to shape.  As a result, the person a woman has become may not resemble the person she had hoped she would be.  Whatever is Lovely provides a total make-over—within any woman's reach.  Principles of design for improving homes, gardens, and wardrobes are translated into spiritual virtues to enhance living and relationships.  

 Whatever is Lovely contains personal reflections, Bible passages, quotations, and photographs to inspire the reader to cultivate beauty, grace, and harmony as she fashions the individual she dreams of becoming.  Whatever is Lovely offers transformation within and without.  

The women we admire seem to approach style, family, career, home, relationships, and spirit as one seamless whole.  Their inner and outer beauty is one.  We aspire to order our own multifaceted lives with such grace.  Often, however, our self-improvement efforts in one area do not relate to the rest of our busy lives.   Whatever is Lovely identifies timeless principles of spiritual design and offers life-changing suggestions for cultivating a singular elegance.
 This is a book of style for the spirit, to infuse everyday living with passion, imagination, and joy; with simplicity, balance, and peace.  Whatever is Lovely invites women to pause to inventory their hearts and to make discerning choices in designing the admirable women they desire to become.

Whatever is Lovely is available in hardcover and in e-book formats at retailers and at


·       ISBN-10: 0983557160
·       ISBN-13: 978-0983557166  

Whatever is Lovely is subtitled Design for an Elegant Spirit.  How do you define elegance? 

In my view, elegance comprises grace, ease, beauty, and regard for others.  To me it means living ones’ life as a spiritually-grounded cohesive whole.  Elegance might be defined as grace of the spirit. 

How does designing home, garden, and wardrobe relate to designing a woman’s character? 
The principles of artistic design which apply to creating an interesting d├ęcor or a wardrobe that suits one’s personality also apply to designing the spiritual qualities or virtues by which we live.  A few of the design principles found in Whatever is Lovely include balance, comfort, harmony, and simplicity.  Balance in a room, for example, is the sense of proportion that gives a room the appearance of a cohesive whole.  Spiritual balance means establishing a sense of proportion in our lives, focused on essential matters of the heart.   Women tend to be designing creatures; we create business plans and dinner parties.  Whatever is Lovely gives attention to designing our best selves.   

Why is the subject of Whatever is Lovely so important? 

The virtues and choices which women cultivate, or disregard, are the most impressive models for nurturing the character and behavior of their families and, ultimately, of society.  The devolution of our society can be traced to an erosion of essential spiritual virtues.  It is critical that we learn to consciously cultivate these vital qualities, which inform all our decisions. 

Who would be interested in reading Whatever is Lovely? 

Whatever is Lovely appeals to a wide range of women’s interests—fashion, food, decorating, gardening, family, intellect, travel, and spirituality. Perfect for today’s economy, its practical advice helps women simplify their lives while focusing on essential matters of the spirit.  The book is appropriate for women of all ages—an inspiring gift for mothers, graduates, brides, co-workers, family, friends, or oneself. 

What were the challenges of producing Whatever is Lovely? 

One of the challenges of writing and constructing Whatever is Lovely was creating a cohesive whole.  Selecting the principles of design which most clearly relate to spiritual qualities, matching text to quotations from Scripture and other writers throughout history, relating personal stories, and selecting photographs to convey the virtues required considerable time, but the project was a labor of love.   

What were the satisfactions of writing and designing Whatever is Lovely?

My previous three books were published by traditional publishers, who bore the expense of production but also controlled the appearance of the book.  Because this book was custom published, I was fully engaged in design choices from start to finish.  I am delighted when readers tell me how much they connect with the insights, savor the beautiful photographs, and enjoy the humorous and poignant stories. 

What do you hope women will discover in the pages of Whatever is Lovely?

Albert Einstein said, “Make your choices lovely ones.”  Readers of Whatever is Lovely will discover how to cultivate a spirit that helps them make their own lovely choices.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nanci Rainey Shares Her Story about the Genesis of Her Book, Just One More Day in the Driver’s Seat

I, Nanci Rainey, raised four wonderful children in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I was fortunate enough to witness their first words, first steps and falls. I was there to hold them in my arms and wipe their tears. My children were my world and I marveled at their beauty and innocence. After losing my son, Billy, my world changed forever. I was left with a hole in my heart never to be healed. A grandmother of two of the most amazing children, I was given a chance to marvel at the beauty and innocence of a second generation. After ten years of struggling through the world of grief, I had back surgery that left me paralyzed from the waist down. I am now looking at the world through different eyes and realize we will all have challenges and adversity in our lives, it is up to ourselves how we respond to those challenges. I was given a chance to meet some of the most wonderful young adults with spinal cord injuries from gunshot wounds and stabbings and encouraged them to accept the challenge of a life altering injury, working hard at rehabilitation side by side, acknowledging they are not alone. I now volunteer at the rehabilitation hospital where I am able to listen and motivate others to think positive, to believe and to accept the good. 

What is the Genre of your book? 

My book is a Memoir.  Most of the writing I do is based on life changing events and the people who have crossed my path along this journey.  believe people come into our lives for a reason, and how we react with others shapes our lives.  

Why did you choose genre? 

I had a story to tell and it was a life event, a tragic path I had journeyed through.  I started with a daily journal of my son’s medical treatment. There was so much information thrown at us at once and neither my son nor I wanted to chance anything to memory. Initially the story was written more like a diary of medical information for others with DSRCT . I didn’t want to limit my audience, therefore it became a story. 

  How is it different? 

Writing memoirs is much different than writing fiction. With a memoir, the cast of characters are already developed, as is the setting and plot. There is an actual event or life-changing moment in the story that was not created from one’s imagination; it happened, it WAS. 

Can you tell us more about your book and where we may find it? 

  I have published only one book,  “Just One More Day in the Driver’s Seat”, released February 21, 2012.   


My story captures the spirit of my son, Billy, stricken with cancer at the age of 18 and his courage and strength during the battle.  The type of cancer Billy had is called DSRCT (desmoplastic small round cell tumor), which was and still is quite rare.  There is no cure and the    survival rate for five years is only 15%; most of the young adults stricken with DSRCT end their battle around two years after diagnosis. The story is sad, yet it is real. There is no fluff about cancer.  It is my hope to raise awareness of DSRCT and generate funding for more research. A portion of the proceeds of my book will be presented to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for their research studies in DSRCT protocol.  My book is available thru the publisher:;; and . 

                You can also read more about “Just One More Day in the Driver’s Seat;   and information on DSRCT at . 

When did you decide to write the book? 

 My story began the moment my son was diagnosed. I started a daily journal of procedures, medications, visitors, vital signs, etc. We were faced  with a monster that could (and did) destroy lives.  I wasn’t leaving anything to memory while under the influence of stress and sleep deprivation. The journal was both informative as well as therapeutic and at times it came in quite handy for the doctors looking for past test results, etc. (oh yes, I had copies of them as well). It was a joke amongst the staff and physicians that I was writing a book, but eventually, my son asked me to write the book and it is in his honor the story was written. 

When did you begin writing and who inspired you? 

I began writing while still in elementary school. I was intrigued with books and it was my passion to read and write.  I started writing poetry, as most young teenagers do, but eventually I started writing short stories in school. I can remember one particular teacher, Ms. O’Breeza, encouraged me to continue my writing, saying it was a talent not to be hidden.  

Do you have a writing schedule? 

My writing schedule fluctuates. I usually get ideas or start writing in my head while I am relaxed in the tub or driving in the car. I would have to try to recreate the though shortly after it comes to me and write it down. Not everything comes in order and when I review all my thought and paragraphs scribbled, I sit at the computer in my room and type, usually in the afternoon and early evening. Just One More Day in the Driver’s Seat was completed while I was a patient in a rehabilitation hospital for a spinal cord injury. I had already been under contract with my publisher and there were still empty chapters. During my six month stay at Magee Rehab, I managed to complete the book, with the help of a speech therapist. (As a result of my spinal cord injury, I developed chemical meningitis and had some word retrieval and memory loss.) 

When do you do when you are not writing? 

Currently I volunteer at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital two days a week. I try to give back a little bit of hope to those experiencing similar injuries and emotions. After a spinal cord injury, one is fearful how they will be able to function in the “able” world despite their disability and Magee offers hope through their physical and occupational therapists. I try to show others how important attitude is and positive thinking. I use myself as an example of one who is trying to accomplish all I can regardless of my disability. 

Do you have any new writing projects in the works or planned? 

I am currently at the scribbling stages of a new story, one of overcoming challenges and hurdles. Since the release of Just One More Day in the Driver’s Seat, I have been working with my marketing advisor and publisher on getting my story out there.  Marketing and selling the book takes more time than I ever imagined. I have to put serious writing on hold at this time. 

What are your "Made it  Moments? 

The birth of each of my children were “Made It” moments in my life as well as each of their graduations. I am also blessed to have been able to witness the birth of my grandchildren, another “Made It” for me.  I “Made It” when I was able to take my family to Denver, Colorado and celebrate “World Youth Day” with Pope John Paul II.  While at Magee, “I Made It” when I was able to take my first step with braces and assistance.  The publishing of Just One More Day in the Driver’s Seat has been my most recent “Made It” moment. 

What advice would give someone who wants to write or a beginning writer? 

My advice to anyone who is inspired to write is to just write, write, write. When you write, your story nor your thoughts are always in order; just write the words as they come and set aside another time for formulating these sentences and paragraphs. I had the Epilogue of my book completed prior to completing several chapters.  Be prepared to edit.  There are times editing can be dangerous, as you can edit too much. After you edit one section, move on, don’t dwell on what you already edited.  If it doesn’t feel right the next time you read it, then you can change it. 

    Never give up! There is always hope
    and a reason to believe.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dagayla Jo Brown Publishes Her Christian Autobiography, Waiting on God

Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, Dagayla Jo Brown has been a Christian for over 30 years. In 2008 God revealed to her the gift of writing. She has been writing for three years now.

She aspires to be a well known Author, Inspirational & Motivational Speaker. She was brought up with very good standards, morals and self-respect. She was always taught to be kind to others and treat them with the utmost respect. She prays that her writings will help, encourage and inspire those that are having the same struggles that she has had in her lifetime.

She would like to give people hope that good things can come out of their trials and tribulations. She would also like to encourage the hurting, the lonely and those with low self-esteem. She wants them to know that if they will have faith, belief and trust in God, He will do the impossible in their lives. She states: "God is the head of my life. He is the first and foremost in all that I do. I have learned to trust and lean on Him for all of my needs."

Dagayla shares; "I love God with all my heart, my soul and my mind. I love and cherish this life that He has given me and all that it has to offer. I enjoy every moment and second that I live and breathe."

She also would like her readers to know; "I strive to think positive at all times. I make it a habit every morning when I awake; to first get on my knees in prayer; thanking God for the peaceful rest and another beautiful day. She quotes; “Today is going to be good day."

She lives by, "the power of positive thinking." This is the day that the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)

Tell us about the genre of your work. 

I write, Christian, spiritual, inspirational, devotional, self-help, uplifting and encouraging books that are good for the soul, mind, body and spirit. I feel that my previous struggles can help and assist those that might be going through the same thing. I believe our stories are best told once we have actually walked the difficult roads ourselves.

Why did you choose this genre?

I was going through a life-changing event at the time when God inspired me to share my experiences to help others deal with the same struggles.  The experience of writing while dealing with my own experiences brought healing and was self-therapeutic as well.

How is writing in the genre you write, different than other genre?

I feel it’s different, because when I write on a spiritual level, it digs deeps down to the soul and very core of a person. When you can release past pains, hurts, failures and disappointments; that is when you can face the pain that may have been hiding within you for years. I also believe that involving God in this kind of healing that can be very different from other genres because only He can heal those that are hurting from the inside out.  I discuss things others are not willing to face or talk about. When someone reads my book, I also believe that is when the healing will begin and they will be on the road to recovery. 

Can you tell us about your book.

My first Autobiography book was released last year titled “Waiting on God.”
Waiting on God can be a little frustrating, especially if you have set your own clock and timeframe as to when you want to get things done.  Understand that God will get things done in His own time.  God has taught Dagayla how to wait on Him through: Faith, Prayer and Supplication.

Title:Waiting on God
ISBN: 978-05780731-9
And where it can be found?
·       Rhema Christian Center, 2100 Agler Road, Columbus, Ohio


When  was it published?

September 21, 2011

Can you give us a synopsis of this book/s?
My book is about learning from past lessons, spiritual guidance for self-healing, forgiveness and moving on toward your destiny with clear, heart, mind and soul. Allowing your faith, hope and love in God, to lead you down the right path in life.
Where do you get your ideas for writing?
I get my ideas from my very own life lessons.  I wanted to share all that I had gone through to help others with their own journeys. 

What is your favorite thing about your book?
My favorite thing is the scripture references that will not only help you, but teach you how to deal with issues on a spiritual level. Also, at the end of each chapter, I have a notes page. This will give each reader a chance to journal their thoughts as they read my book so that they can refer back to their notes as they deal with life issues.
Why and when did you begin writing?  Is there any one person who had a big influence on you or encouraged you to write? 
I began writing almost four years ago. No one had an influence on my writing.  I have to say it was God who laid it on my heart to write about my past and current experiences at the time. He helped me along the way. He gave me the words to say and how to say them.
What is your writing schedule?
 I usually write about an hour to three hours in the evening and sometimes if I cannot sleep, I get up in the middle of night or early morning to get my ideas and thoughts out.
What atmosphere do you need to write?  
 I need to write in a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere. I can write sitting on the floor, on my couch or in my bed as long as I am comfortable and can concentrate.
What projects are you working on now, or plan for the future?
I am currently working on another spiritual inspirational book, and a non-fiction novel as well. My plan is to write about seven more in next few years.
What kind of advice or tips to you have for someone who wants to write and be published?
If you have the desire to write, find time every single day even if it is only for a half hour. Just find some time. Every small paragraph will eventually become a chapter and very soon you will have a book ready for publishing.  Once completed, be sure to do your research on whether you want to use a publisher or self-publish your first one.
I self-published my first one and I can tell you, I just may do the same for my next one. I have enjoyed all the things that I have had to learn along the way and the experience I have gained. It is very easy, but you will need the dedication, focus, patience and drive to do so it your own.
Keep reaching for your dreams because anything is possible! Don’t stop believing in yourself.
Are there any other comments, advice or tips that you would give to beginning writers?
Whatever your fears are, please let them go because, that is the only thing holding you back. If have faith in God, fear cannot exist. We all have gifts inside of us that are waiting to be birthed and bought forth. Please use yours wisely.
What do you do when you are not writing?
When I am not writing, I am either reading, my Bible, a devotional or another book of interest. I also enjoy watching television at times; curled up on my couch in my warm fuzzy pajamas and a big bowl of popcorn.
Include anything else you may wish to add.
If you believe in God, put Him first in all that you do and trust him with all that you have, for He knows what is best for you.
If you don’t know Him, may I suggest that you seek Him for yourself, it will be the best decision you could ever make. He will change your life forever! God bless you!
What “Made It” moments have you experienced in life?
·       Strengthening my Christian walk and building a strong relationship with God by allowing Him to be the head of my life.

·       Believing and trusting in God and myself.
·       Self-Publishing my first book.

·       Surviving a life-changing event. By God’s grace I did not lose myself or my mind.

·       Learning to love me and my own company.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Multi-genre Author Barbara Quinn Has a New Book, Hard Head

I’m the author of four novels. All are available at Amazon, B&N and everywhere books are sold. I’m Founder of the Rose & Thorn Journal a zine that has  been around since 1998. The zine is a wonderful place, staffed by writers who volunteer their time to put out a great publication.  I was Publisher and Managing Editor until 2009 when I left to work as an SEO content producer for a consultant to Lexis Nexis, a large legal publisher.

I love to travel and have visited 47 states, plus many countries on four continents.  I've ridden a camel in the Canary Islands, attended the opera in Vienna and spent time in an absinthe bar in Budapest. For ten years I practiced law. Before that, my jobs included process server, lingerie sales clerk, waitress, and postal worker. I also did some reporting for local papers.  

I split my time between Bradley Beach, NJ where I love the boardwalk, sand, and Asbury Park music scene, and Rockland County, NY.  I have a terrific husband, a wonderful son, and an adorable grandson. You can reach me at  I’d love to keep in touch via 

Tell us about the genre of your work.   
I’m a multi-genre author and love mixing it up. Hard Head is a suspense novel with romantic and paranormal elements. Speed of Dark is a Paranormal Romance. 36C is women’s fiction/chick lit. Slings and Arrows is an Urban Fantasy with dark humor.

Why did you choose this genre?

I tend to write a lot of fantasy and paranormal stories usually with some romance in there. Those genres indulge my love of travel. With fantasy and paranormal, I can go anywhere. When you add a little romance, ahhhh, how can you not feel alive and good? Life is filled with many different genres and so is my writing.   

How is writing in the genre you write, different than other genres?

To me fantasy and paranormal tales are much larger than life, but they tackle real life issues. You have leeway to let go of laws of physics, but you are still bound by the laws of human emotions.

What are some of your books, stories that have been published?

I have four novels published. Two are with Eternal Press: The Speed of Dark, a fantasy set in 1964 is about a fellow who falls for a mysterious girl while riding behind a DDT truck. It came out in October, 2011and Hard Head, the story of a mother and daughter who travel to Italy and are caught up in an ancient vendetta, came out in February, 2012. 36C, the tale of a lingerie shop girl, and Slings and Arrows, about a woman who takes up with a shady spiritualist were published by DiskUspublishing and are available everywhere. 

I also have a number of stories in audio version at My story Crab Lines won Best of the Net in 2006 and I’ve had a number of other short story awards.

Can you tell us more about your book?

Hard Head

My novel Hard Head was re-released in February, 2012. In Hard Head, Rosanna Sweeney defies her father’s deathbed order that she never go to Italy. She and her troubled teenage daughter journey across Italy to the Calabrian town of her father’s birth. They find romance, learn about one another, and uncover a past that links them to secret societies and an ancient vendetta.

ISBN-13: 978-1615726073  

ASIN: B0075XR288  

Some blurbs

Barbara Quinn's Hardhead is eyepopping, filled with memorable characters who take you on a fascinating journey. Think Get Shorty, Pulp Fiction and Fargo, with a zany female slant and much, much more. ... A remarkable book!

                         --Noel Hynd

Barbara Quinn has done an excellent job of weaving her characters through a suspenseful plot and into a believable ending. Beyond the suspense, this novel of self-discovery is bound to resonate with anyone who has ever felt out of place.

                         --The Daily Republic

A great read. Ms. Quinn catapults you from one horrifying moment to the next, keeping you wondering how they will survive these secret, and powerful societies.

                           --Shawn Phillips

Speed of Dark

There are some people you never forget. In the summer of 1964, while riding his bike in a DDT cloud, Luke D’Angelo falls for one of them–a mysterious girl named Celeste. Like Luke, Celeste is an outsider struggling to find her identity, but unlike Luke, Celeste has special powers that have the potential to destroy everything Luke and his friends believe in. Luke and his mentally challenged sister become fast friends with this curious girl. Set in upstate New York, in a town that is home to a shrimp cocktail plant that belches a foul-smelling tomato and fish fog, this coming-of-age tale about a girl with a dream and the teens who want to help her fulfill it, is a balance between the comic and the profound. The story resonates with the message that inside each of us is a light that burns so bright no dark can extinguish it. But at what cost?

ISBN: 9781615725069

Some blurbs: 

I'm always on the lookout for a good new author and Barbara Quinn fits that description to a "T." I loved The Speed of Dark, from the wonderfully realized setting to the characters and their complicated, but timeless, relationships with each other. Quinn has also done a terrific job in bringing to life what it was like growing up in the early part of the sixties. I was a teenager at that time and a lot of what she writes about is eerily familiar-either from my own life, or the people I knew at the time.

-Charles de Lint, author of Someplace to be Flying, Forests of the Heart, Seven Wild Sisters, The Onion Girl

By turns lyrical and grittily realistic, The Speed of Dark brings its own vision to the Stephen King territory of small town life in the sixties. In a novel rich with period detail, Barbara Quinn effectively captures the sense of the numinous that pervades everyday life.

-Eileen Kernaghan, author of The Snow Queen, Songs from the Drowned Lands, and The Sarsen Witch

Barbara Quinn's novel The Speed of Dark is a fascinating and imaginative story, blending the real with the fantastic, giving us characters we can know and root for. Her writing is wise and magical, filled with wit, passion and honesty. Barbara reminds me of my late friend Laurie Colwin. This is an engrossing and rewarding novel. Readers will have fun and be profoundly moved.  

-Noel Hynd, author of Ghosts and Cemetery of Angels

Just read "Speed of Dark" by @BarbaraQuinn The "icy storm in mouth" scene -never read anything like that before!

 -Kat Magendie author of Tender Graces, Secret Graces, and Sweetie 

Slings and Arrows

When her husband leaves her for her best friend, Ellen D'Este loses her ability to enjoy her work as a massage therapist and her life begins to unravel. A friend convinces her to attend a session with a female spiritualist. Ever the skeptic, Ellen resists the pull of the shady Miss Wendy, but falls for the handsome Mark Vernon, a disciple of the spiritualist. As time passes, Ellen is plagued by visions and strange occurrences that test her beliefs and feelings. Can she find love, faith and the ability to massage again or will she be the unwitting pawn of a charlatan?

Paranormal romance/dark humor

ISBN -86473858
ASIN: B004I1KS18

Tressa Connell dreams of finding the right fellow, of putting her graphics art degree to work, and of traveling to Venice. The reality is that she's stuck in a dead-end job selling lingerie to rail-thin women who prowl the high-end Manhattan boutique where she works. Hounded by a helmet-haired boss, befriended by a troubled Latina makeup artist, and wooed by a Jewish cop, Tressa also has a giant grandfather clock strapped to her back, a bushel of eggs in her arms, and her mother cracking a Pampers whip over her head.

ISBN: 030-69102672

ASIN: B004I1KS4U  

Where do you get your ideas for writing? 

I never know where or when an idea will hit. Sometimes I wake up at night and try to jot down the vision I’m having on the piece of paper I keep next to the bed. The next morning it often takes me a while to figure out what those squiggles and letters mean.   

For Hard Head, glorious Italy was the source of inspiration. One of the major scenes in the book takes place in Siena at the wild horse race that is run twice a summer called Il Palio. I had to write about it even though I hadn’t yet been there. I did visit Siena eventually and was touched by its captivating light and beauty.   

What is your favorite thing about your book?
Hard Head has a special place in my heart. My late father was born in Calabria, where much of the story takes place, and he infuses much of the story. The term “hard head” is used to describe people from Calabria who are known for being stubborn. My father always told tales of the hard headed Calabrese, and he was fond of playing tunes on his head with his fist as a tribute to his Calabrian ancestors. He also talked of the Ndragheta, a Calabrian that appears in the book. I’m glad that I was able to get some of the spirit of my Dad onto the pages of Hard Head.

Why and when did you begin writing?  Is there any one person who had a big influence on you or encouraged you to write? 
I’ve been writing since I was a child. When I was a Girl Scout I wrote a play for the troop in which Little Red Riding Hood was evil and tormented the good wolf. My brother and I used to make up stories and then perform them for our parents.
What is your writing schedule?  What atmosphere do you need to write?
I’m a night owl so I usually write late in the afternoon and in the evening. I need quiet to write. No music, little background noise. And I need quiet in my soul. When I’m going through really stressful times, the words tend to slow down. I hate that. But I know that they’ll start flowing again once things settle down.

What projects are you working on now, or plan for the future?
I’m working on two things now. One is a women’s fiction about an older woman who is healed through music. The second one is a steampunk novel about a character that has to pay for the sins of his father. That one is just starting out.
What kind of advice or tips to you have for someone who wants to write and be published?
It’s essential that you read, and that you write. Writing is a long journey and the more you write the better your craft becomes. Seek out critics who will be honest. Be generous with others who are trying to write and don’t be afraid to write about the painful stuff. 
Are there any other comments, advice or tips that you would give to beginning writers?
Read, read, read, and read some more. Submit to small journals. Enter contests. Grow as a writer and submit to bigger journals. Schedule writing time every day possible.
What do you do when you are not writing?
I love the beach and I often take long walks on the boardwalk from Bradley Beach to Asbury Park where I pass by the Stone Pony and Madame Marie’s. I love cooking and wine too. My husband and I love to travel and try to visit unusual spots no matter where we go.
Include anything else you may wish to add.
There’s a whole new world out there in publishing. The e-revolution has been a boon to writers and no one should be afraid to take a chance with it. Don’t give up!

What “Made It” moments have you experienced in life?
Besides those wonderful events of finding the love of your life, and having a child, I can think of a couple of special times. The first edition of Hard Head made the rounds of the major publishers and so did the first edition of Speed of Dark. The feedback I got was encouraging and that made me feel that the struggle was worth it. Though there were no takers, I self-published them and sometime later had the wondrous experience of having them picked up by a publisher.
On another note, when I was practicing law years ago, I was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. Being in that courtroom with those justices on the bench was thrilling. My son and husband were there with me and I’ll never forget that day.  

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