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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Showcase for International Book Awards Author, Rosalie Marsh

Rosalie Marsh is an award-winning author, Speaker, Learning & Development Consultant, Grandmother, Blogger, Marketer, Educator, Website Editor.  Born in Lancashire, England, Rosalie settled in North Wales with her husband and growing family. Rosalie followed a varied career in banking, sales management and adult education; combining  travel across the UK in work-based learning in a variety of roles with continuing professional development activities – before ‘retiring’ to concentrate on writing. Always a dreamer, Rosalie had long wanted to write a book having various storyline popping up amid the ‘pots and pans’ and hurly burly of life.Her writing evolved through undertaking various development opportunities and academic studies in later life – achieving a BA(Hons) Professional Studies in Education degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Rosalie has also written and collaborated on various learning and marketing projects and contributed to on-line magazines.

Tell us about the genre of your work. 

The Just Us Two travel writing series is based on biographical travel experiences which started when a middle-aged couple, after a number of years bikeless, became born-again bikers when they bought a Honda GoldWing 1500cc touring motorbike and set off to discover Europe. On the way , through many profound emotional experiences, they discovered much about themselves.

With a continuing heavy focus on skills levels in the UK, the concept of Lifelong Learning, although not a new one, is gathering pace. With this in mind and concsious that many do not have formal training opportunities, Rosalie  has written a series on non-threatening,easy-to-read books which will guide the reader through the minefield of personal effectiveness in general and their career, enabling the reader to realise their potential and enhance the success of their organisation.

Why did you choose this genre?

Just Us Two: During our first Gold Wing experience when we found long-lost family on the far west coast of Ireland in Co.Mayo, I wrote down our profound emotional discoveries and, after showing it to my mother ( who had never met her family there) I put it away in a drawer where it lay for ten years.After our lives turned upside down and we re-built our shattered lives, I realised that this, and the feature articles I had written formed an inspiring story of  overcoming obstacles and a realisation of dreams.

Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides: Following the publication of Just Us Two and the problems associated with e-book conversion, I realised that I had the skills to complete the whole process myself and set up our own publishing imprint. At this time I attended a lecture which related to Lifelong Learning and the recent Wolf Report on standards. I researched Lifelong Learning for the dissertation for my degree.The Wolf report brought this up to date. I had extensive skills and experience which I still wanted to use to benefit others – many who cannot attend formal training courses – and decided to use my research paper as the springboard of a new series.

How is writing in the genre you write, different than other genre?

Both genres I write draw from personal experiences but packaged into 1) a true story and 2) a more factual account to enable the reader to grow and develop.

What are some of your books, stories that have been published? Where can we find them?

Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie’s Gold Wing Discovery ISBN 978-1-4389-2936-1 Author House. Available worldwide in print and e-book formats for most readers.(Kindle,E-Pub,Adobe.)

Just us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery A Mid-Life crisis? A hankering for 'lost youth'? Pushing back the horizons?. Whatever! Just Us Two is an exhilarating romp through ten happy years of discovery, adventure, and fun! Ned, in middle age wanted a little bike to tinker with. Rosie discovered a majestic Gold Wing motorbike and swopped well-groomed hair and high heels for a crash helmet and biker’s boots. Share their thrills and spills as they discover long lost family in Ireland before jaunting around Europe to follow Rosie’s dreams . . . travelling on their own, ‘Just Us Two’.

The adventures start when Ned wanted something to tinker with after a number of years bike-less. Rosie pleaded: "If we buy a scooter will you travel? Will you brave the ferry? Will you? Can we? ... " and bought a Honda 1100cc. Fate took a hand though as Rosie discovered a Honda Gold Wing 1500cc motorbike by chance. Ned thought he had died and gone to heaven and they sailed off to the west coast of Ireland two weeks later on what was to be a profound emotional journey as they discovered Rosie's long-lost family.

Join Ned and Rosie as they go: coast to coast in France and Spain; follow the Champagne Route; ride in the intense heat into the Dolomites Just Us Two - tale of discovery and adventure;a tale of courage and triumph over adversity as, following illness, they made mental and practical adaptations in order to continue to do what they could while they could..."
Reading experience is enhanced with photographs, detailed routes and practicalities of touring.

**Second edition (new jacket and format) ISBN 978-1-908302-12-0 to be published May 1st 2012. Christal Publishing and will be available worldwide in print and e-book formats for most readers.


Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two ISBN 978-1-908302-00-7  May 1st 2011 Christal Publishing.

Available worldwide in print and e-book formats for most readers.(Kindle,E-Pub,Adobe.)

Chasing Rainbows is the second in the Just Us Two series by Rosalie Marsh and the real end to Rosie's Gold Wing story. A peep into Rosie's life as,with tongue-in-cheek humour,she pokes fun at herself while she conducts a love-hate relationship with a hidden controller. You know boys and their toys? Rosie pleads for maps as they return to Ireland across Cavan,Sligo,Galway,beautiful Westport and Ballycroy in County Mayo which Rosalie describes evocativally and with feeling. The fun then really started when the phone rang and another trip was on the horizon. Rosie with her usual 'let's go' stuck pins into maps which almost became redundant... Chasing Rainbows includes detailed routes and photographs to guide you as 'Just Us Two' return to awe-inspiring Andorran mountains to meet with Gold Wing friends; explore the majestic French Alps and Spanish Pyrénées; retrace their steps through the notoriously challenging Pas de la Casa, Têt Valley and Central Massif, north to Versailles where Rosie has another adventure planned. Chasing Rainbows (also available as an e-book) is the sequel to Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery published in 2009 as soft cover and e-book.


Lifelong Learning: A View from the Coal Face ISBN 978-1-908302-04-5  September 1st 2012 Christal Publishing.

Available worldwide in print and e-book formats for most readers.(Kindle,E-Pub,Adobe.)

Reflecting on where we are now, Marsh re-visits extensive research previously undertaken. She examines various issues and initiatives when there was a new focus on Work-Based Learning - still relevant in 2011. This new direction in learning was in an effort to raise standards,improve skills and meeting national targets in education and training to increase the prosperity of the nation. The author examines various issues and new initiatives of the day and reflects on where we are now. This is the first in the new Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness series by Rosalie Marsh which draws from her extensive skills & experience in sales management in industry and work-based learning in further education;they seek to enable readers to become more effective and confident as they develop themselves throughout their lives and careers towards a successful future. Aimed at the Home Learner . The author looks at the wider issues of Learning;Opportunity;Access; Professional and Personal Development.


Release Your Potential:Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development. ISBN 978-1-908302-08-3 September 1st 2012 Christal Publishing

A user-friendly support material for learners of all ages with a wide range of abilities.Marsh helps you to identify and focus on your goals and development needs in order to improve; identify your learning styles; manage your time and stress;  guides you to construct  and maintain Personal Development Records and a Personal Development Portfolio.

This is the second of the new Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides by Rosalie Marsh which draws from her extensive skills & industrial experience in sales management and work-based learning in adult and further education; Who is this book for? Aimed at the Home Learner and designed to read in bite-sized chunks Someone who is unable to attend formal courses To fill gaps in underpinning knowledge and skills needed to 'get on in life'. Designed as a user-friendly support material for learners of all ages with a wide range of abilities They are designed as a user-friendly support material for learners of all ages with a wide range of abilities.


Tell us more about your books?

**Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie’s Gold Wing Discovery Second edition (new jacket and format) ISBN 978-1-908302-12-0 to be published May 1st 2012. Christal Publishing and will be available worldwide in print and e-book formats for most readers.

This first in the Just Us Two travel series(first edition published in 2009) was a Winner in 2010 International Book Awards (Travel: Recreational) and Finalist in the USA Book News 2009 Best Book Awards in the same category. This second edition has a new jacket and extra photographs. He wanted a little bike to tinker with ...She had well-groomed hair and wore high heels! Not just for bikers but for travellers and dreamers alike. Award-winning Just Us Two-Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery is an exhilarating romp through ten happy Gold Wing years of discovery and adventure and fun as a quiet middle-aged couple, who had never crossed the water to tour before, journey into the unknown into far flung corners of Western Europe with only each other to rely on. It is also a tale of courage and triumph over adversity as, following illness when it appeared that the freedom of biking days was over, they made mental and practical adaptations in order to continue what they could while they could and then they would not say 'if only ...'

Skills for Employability Part One :Pre - Employment. ISBN 978-1-908302-16-8  May 17th 2012 Christal Publishing

This is the third of the new Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides by Rosalie Marsh, which draw from her extensive skills & industrial experience in sales management and work-based learning in adult and further education. It is a step in the personal and professional development journey where development of the whole person is at the heart of Rosalie's ethos. In two parts, Skills for Employability - designed to read in bite-sized chunks - will  focus on some of the skills needed in order to impress an employer, stand out from  the rest, become employed, and enhance your future.  

Part One looks at the pre- employment skills needed. 

Part Two: Moving into Employment (Nov.2012) will look at what you need to know when you are in the world of work.  

Each chapter details the learning outcomes and relevance to other  qualifications such as Functional Skills. Through short practical activities, you  will be able to see how far you have' travelled' in gaining knowledge and  understanding. 

Part One: Pre-employment looks at those skills for the future, which include: preparing for work, job applications and a successful interview, working effectively in the workplace, ICT skills in the workplace.   

Where do you get your ideas for writing?

 From life experiences. Whenever I have come across something like office politics – especially in my direct and retail sales days – I have had a strong storyline running through my head. All these impressions are still in the melting pot for the future as I complete my current projects which hopefully will inspire others to push back personal and professional boundaries to develop their ‘whole’ selves.

What is your favorite thing about your book?

Just Us Two books: Our memories are there forever. Reflections on what we achieved and the wonderful life-changing experiences we had.

Lifelong Learning personal Effectiveness Guides: Reaching out to people who can’t or won’t attend formal training courses. They can be picked up and put down and be read in bite-sized chunks.

Satisfaction that all books are in formats to everyone a choice of the reading medium.

Why and when did you begin writing?

I wrote [manual]procedures manuals  when I went back into work. Started to write seriously for assignments when I undertook management qualifications.

  Is there any one person who had a big influence on you or encouraged you to write? 

My husband.

What is your writing schedule?  What atmosphere do you need to write?

I now plan in my writing time and focus in quite long chunks until I have ‘got it all out of my head’. I need to be quiet and people to forget I am here. My study is decorated in a relaxing pale green and cream paper with light oak furniture. I have a comfortable chair. My husband is good at fielding calls if I have a deadline to meet. Also another very good place is in the kitchen otherwise  we would all starve!

What projects are you working on now, or plan for the future?

I have Skills for Employability Part Two: Moving into Employment scheduled for November 2012.  For the future I am also working on The Long Leg of Italy which starts when we first went to Italy for our Silver Wedding, then 30th, takes in some of our journey to northern Italy on the Gold Wing and our forthcoming trip to the Italian Lakes and Dolomites in June, includes our recent Southern Italy trip and concludes with our journey back to Sicily. Island Interludes will bring together and expand on newsletter articles written, covering the Azores,Maderia,Canary Islands, Sicily, Malta, Cyprus. I plan to bring them out together as   the link is Sicily.

What kind of advice or tips do you have for someone who wants to write and be published?

Go for it! Research your market, read and research the writing and publishing world all you can and realise that there are many routes to publication. Embrace new technologies.

Are there any other comments, advice or tips that you would give to beginning writers?

Writing is an emotional experience and a learning curve in itself. However the hardest part is keeping a focus on marketing opportunities. For me, this has been another steep curve on my lifelong learning journey as I have developed my website, blog and social networking platforms.

Plan in your writing time. Like learning opportunities, it doesn’t just happen. It is very hard to make family and friends understand that writing is not something you can pick up and put down when they make demands on you. They have to respect what you are doing.

What do you do when you are not writing?

Marketing, Blogging, Read on-line articles from social media links. Social/Networking activities. Plan and dream of more travel! Gardening when I have the time. Photo-editing and video-editing films of travel journeys. Publishing activities for Christal Publishing. Eating out. GoldWing Owner’s Glub of Great Britain meetings ( I am not now the Regional Rep  and the region is fairly inactive. Some activities pre 2010 on

What “Made It” moments have you experienced in life?

Winning the 2010 International Book Awards (Travel: Recreational category).

Having three re-formatted and converted manuscripts accepted for the Apple and Sony e-book stores. This had been a hurdle as they have very specific requirements over and above other E-Pub and Adobe Digital Editions retailers and Kindle.

Reviews: What readers say about Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie’s Gold Wing Discovery

Inspiration for us all to motorcycle touring overseas
Editor Motorbike Search Engine on Just Us Two

‘Not just for bikers!’ ‘Rosalie's passion for travel, adventure, and living life to the full comes across so beautifully in her narrative and her book Just Us Two which I highly recommend. Rosalie's thirst for knowledge and personal development has driven her to write and share her wonderful experiences – a true inspiration to me and I believe to anyone who aspires to live life without "if onlys”. . .’
Chrisoula Sirigou, ExploramaEU [LinkedIn]

Rosalie's description of the countryside made me feel I was on the motorbike, wind blowing through my hair and sun on my face. A book I will read again, and maybe again. Jean Mead, Author, on Just Us Two’ [Amazon review]

“A celebration of life.” Paul. CalonFM on Just Us Two

“A gifted author who can bring her travels books alive. She has a wonderful sense of the ridiculous and her style as a raconteur means that the reader feels she is talking personally.”
Judith Sharman. Well-Tree-Learning.

Dreams Do Come True

I have read this book and totally get it. Thoroughly enjoyed it and found it completely absorbing.
Helen Appleby Lancashire
[Amazon review]

“A great read that will make you smile.” Editor, Trike Magazine on Just Us Two

 My wife June and I have just returned having spent the weekend in Menorca. My reading material was your lovely book. I really enjoyed reading it and it brought to life places we visited on our Wing in 2007. Thanks for taking the time to put this all together. I finished reading your book on our return flight today high above the Pyranees. I have to say I found the ending a little touching and I had to look out of the window as I suddenly got something in my eye. Can’t wait to see the video. All the best and Thanks again for sharing. Paul Mann Leeds [Amazon review] 

What readers say about Chasing Rainbows. 

Another great book by Rosalie Marsh that should not be missed.
Most enjoyable mystery tour that anyone could take from the comfort of their sofas.
The flow of words employed to narrate it, is in itself most refreshing making this tour a relaxing adventure not to be missed.
A family book that should appeal to everyone.
Joseph Abela, Author, on Chasing Rainbows [Amazon review].

This well written book is both funny and informative. As a map lover myself I found the map verses sat. nav. theme running throughout the book very amusing. For anyonyone planning on undertaking such a journey, it is an excellent travelogue with plenty of useful tips. For those who were not thinking of venturing down that road, I guarantee that by the end of the book, you will be yearning to do so. A great follow up to Just Us Two. Amazon reader, on Chasing Rainbows.[Amazon review]

 Recommendations for Rosalie re: Lifelong Learning- personal Effectiveness  Guides 

"A highly effective trainer, coach and assessor who strives for excellence in everything she does. Her knowledge of work-based learning and adult education is outstanding and she offers good support to those she teaches and mentors, particularly through drawing on her own personal experience as an adult learner.
Andrew Ellams, MD Ellams Associates Ltd.

“An inspirational individual and dedicated professionalwho gives and shares only her best. She's been very thoughtful and creative in her visionary approach to support the education sector, strengthen stakeholder relationships and guiding individuals to achieve their aspirations and goals.” Prabhjit Kaur - PGCE(FE,) CMgr MCMI,  AssocCIPD,  MBA(Open).

“A  detailed and passionate professional, who loves to share her knowledge with anyone who will listen.”
Joanna Kinch, MD Kinch Print Ltd

Rosalie's Websites are:

Christal Publishing

Note from Sylvia: You can visit my other blog at: features a preview to my new book, Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts.


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