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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Getting to Know Internationally Published Author, Aman Kay, and His New Published Collection of Poetry, Wings of Time

Background Information on the Author
A product of a true melting-pot family, Aman Kay is a published author/poet on three continents in several languages.  The themes and motifs in his poetry and prose reflect his sincere love and regards for human race and its future challenges.  Although established in the circle of academic and scholarly endeavors (since the early 1990s he has been included in various Who’s Who volumes), Aman is much in touch with the world of an average citizen.  He spends plenty of time reading genre writers, watching popular movies, and participating in sports.  He is a serious NBA and NFL and international soccer (football) and tennis fan.  

Tell us about the genre of your work.

This particular book is a collection of my poetry.  These are like my children that I have been guarding for several decades.  The themes of my verses are the reflection of every person’s joy, prosperity, failure, heart-breaking experiences and the like. 

Why did you choose this genre?

A great Persian poet was once asked, “Why do you write poetry?”  He replied, “It’s like you ask an apple tree why your fruit is apple?”  Like him, I, too, do not know what really happens.  I live, I enjoy and I laugh; I suffer and I cry, and then when the time is right everything comes together and I have a new poem.  At the time of versifying my new production, I am merely a narrator who is simply acting as though he is taking dictation.

How is writing in the genre you write, different than other genre?

In addition to writing poetry, I write novels, analytical articles, and other types of non-fiction pieces.  Poetry, to me, is the ultimate refuge and savior.  I love and enjoy writing prose.  When I complete a poem, however, and I reread it a few days later (I hardly ever polish my original verses because I do not believe in artificial creation), I feel like I am closer to humankind and our unending common grounds.  My soul rests much easier at least for a while. 

What are some of your books, stories that have been published?

I cannot even come close to recalling the hundreds of poems and various pieces that I have published worldwide.  I have published several books in other languages, an out-of-print novel in English, and now I have Wings of Times published.

Can you tell us where we may find your newly released collection of poetry.

Where do you get your ideas for writing?

As I indicated earlier, for my poetry it is the idea and the poem that come to me sometime “in single spies” and sometime in battalions.”  For my analytical pieces, I always seek ideas from the original source, i. e., a film, a play, a short story, or a novel.  For my make-believe stories, I rely mainly on fictionalized true events.

What is your favorite thing about your book?

As a rule, I do not like to talk about myself or my books.  About this particular book of poetry, I want to think that I truly like it because there is nothing artificial about it.  Each poem is an honest reflection of all that has led to its production.

Why and when did you begin writing?  Is there any one person who had a big influence on you or encouraged you to write?

From elementary years, I developed a mysterious love affair with words and verbal expressions.  It was from those 3rd and 4th grade years that I started writing, but I used to hide my writings from others.  Like almost all other mothers, my late mom was the main source of motivation and inspiration.  Later on, I was fortunate enough to be encouraged by a variety of teachers, movie stars, writers, poets, and movie/theatre directors.  

What is your writing schedule?  What atmosphere do you need to write?

Unfortunately, as much as I do not want to admit it, I am not a considerably disciplined writer.   The more grey hair I get, the less motivated I am; nevertheless, I still find time to write.  Anywhere away from the home-office is the best atmosphere for me!  I’d love to take my laptop to a nearby park or on a cruise ship and write as I am exposed to nature and especially open water.

What projects are you working on now, or plan for the future?

I am actually disciplining myself to complete two novels that are completed and need final touches.  I am working on a book that can be used as a supplementary book for upper high school and college students in their literature classes.  In this book I guide the potential readers through various stages and strategies of identifying essential components of elements of fiction and infer the hidden/implied points more confidently.  And of course I am usually writing more poems that may turn into another book in the future.

What kind of advice or tips do you have for someone who wants to write and be published?

Do not ever, ever try to be someone else.  Write what you know and what you enjoy.  Be mindful of your potential audiences, but never forget the late John Macdonal’s advice: Write to please yourself.  “When that happens, you will like the work too.”  Too, know your craft and be smart and wise enough to realize that you can always benefit from others.   Lastly, be patient.  In this amazingly competitive world, less and less great writers are being discovered in a short time.   

Are there any other comments, advice or tips that you would give to beginning writers?

The only thing you should resent about your writing is that it takes time away from your reading!

What do you do when you are not writing?

Sports, movies, plays, traveling, and visiting my favorite restaurants are among the basic things I do when I am not writing.

Include anything else you may wish to add.

If you have been reading everything I have been saying to this point, I am truly grateful to you, dear reader.

What “Made It” moments have you experienced in life?

Every moment is truly precious.  I have never been fascinated with the destination.  It’s the journey and its adventures that have been inspiring me.

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