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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chatting UK Author, Sherry Gloag about Her Books

Hello Sherry, can you tell us about yourself, I am sure the reader's like to know the author behind the book.  How about a short bio?

Oh boy! I can wax lyrical about my books and my characters but to come up with an ‘interesting ‘bio’?  That’s something else again.

I describe myself as ‘a transplanted Scot’.  Born of Scottish father whose grandfather started a ‘famous’ whiskey company and then added five more ‘famous’ brands to his stable; I’ve spent far more of my life in England than the country of my heart. Now I live in the beautiful English county of Norfolk, not so far away from the Queen’s private estate of Sandringham.

I enjoy gardening and took it up initially because I maintained the plants ‘didn’t answer back’ and combined that interest with my love of garden birds by creating a ‘bird friendly’ garden.

Walking is an equally important pastime for me, and when on my own, is often spent in ‘brainstorming with my characters.  I do make sure, first, there’s no one else close by.  DH enjoys spending time on eBay, and last summer came across what are called ‘gum cameras’.  They are video cameras, no bigger than a packet of chewing gum, hence the name.  As there is no viewfinder on these, it can be quite a challenge to get the intended pictures, but the results are often so funny, you don’t care.

Reading is important to me; and books become friends that are visited and revisited often.  In the last three years I have combined my love of reading with reviewing and been blessed with discovering many new authors I would never have encountered otherwise.

Crystal craft is another of my interests and I specialize in working with Selenite, which, although classified as a crystal, truly is not.  It is beautiful to work with, and rather like writing a novel, it has its own idea of what the end result should be, and so often does not come anywhere near what I originally anticipated. It is something I find incredibly therapeutic.
And then, of course there is the writing…
Tell us about the genre of your work. 
Like many before me, I discovered Mills & Boon, now part of Harlequin and discovered a world that used romance to take me round the world to see places I’d never visit, to learn about jobs and opportunities that would never come my way.  Then I widened my horizon and came across even more and different writers of romance.  I even tried my hand at writing one, but that was confiscated by the English teacher!

After life and several previous attempts at writing romance, in the late 1990’ I began tinkering with writing again.  Around 2006 I began a romance novel I described as mainstream contemporary romance. It finally saw the light of day in October 2010 and was described by several reviewers as romantic suspense, and it seems that all my novels and novellas contain suspense as well as romance.

My short stories are all romance with little suspense at all.

My current WIP is an experimental Regency, which has been on the go since 2008.  Just a couple of days ago I finally discovered how the story will end!
Why did you choose this genre?

Romance touches almost every aspect of life.  It gives, it takes it shares, it isolates, it’s believed, it is mistrusted.  It is manipulated, squandered, treasured, cherished.  There are so many facets to love and the implications for those it touches.  Not so long ago, Romance WAS the genre, but now there are as many sub genres as there are individual genres. Why?  Because love and romance touches almost every aspect of life.

What are some of your books, stories that have been published?

Since 2009 I have had two novels, two novellas (at the time of writing,) with another due out in February, and seven short stories published.

Can you tell us about your books? 

From Now Until Forever
ISBN 9781936852826

For Prince Liam, families meant bad news, unwanted commitments, and the loss of his personal freedom.  Love spawned white picket fences, slippers at the hearth with a wife and kids making demands, so why did those images disappear when he met Melanie Babcot?

Melanie Babcot fought hard to escape the horrors of her youth and vowed to remain single and free, so when paid to protect Prince Liam from insurgents why did her personal pledge fly out the window?

Liam Fitzwilliam Gasquet stared in amazement at the blooming patch of red milliseconds before the pain exploded in his arm. Some trigger-happy idiot had fired in his direction. Indignation didn’t have time to take root before another bullet kicked the dust at his feet.
Not ‘trigger-happy’.


The rebels had found the fourth and youngest son of Jean-Phillipe Gasquet, ruler of the tiny kingdom adjacent to the Swiss border. When had they discovered his whereabouts?
With a reluctant sigh, he faced the truth of it. They hadn’t ‘found’ him at all. They’d followed him.

His Chosen Bride (Released Feb. 2012)

The workaholic prince, Henri Gasquet, is ordered to take a complete break away from his royal duties and comes face to face with the woman who’s haunted his dreams for weeks now.  But is she interested in him or his position and wealth?

Monica Lattimer knows all about rejection and when her friend and business partner’s brother-in-law turns up for a prolonged stay at their riding school for disabled children it is love at first sight for her, but can she trust that her love, will not be rejected yet again?

His Chosen Bride


            Prince Henri Gasquet is happy to let his father, the king, choose his bride for him until he meets Monica Latimer.

Monica Latimer is not prepared to risk letting any man close enough to learn about her Gift. A gift that normally has men running for the hills when they find out about it.


She lost track of time until the flames caught her attention once more. They flickered from orange to gold, to silver, to white.

A flurry of snowflakes masked the flames and for a second Monica watched the most beautiful, pristine snow-scene she’d ever seen. Her lips curved in longing. How she’d love to get a toboggan and slide down that slope. She knew where it was, and had done just that many times in her childhood, first with her parents and then, in clandestine manner, with her brother. Sneaking an old tin tray from the back of her mother’s walk-in pantry, she’d then grabbed Billy’s hand and they’d rushed out the back gate, heading for the lakeside track that led up into the hills.

Darkness, dense and thick with grief dropped over the scene. Startled and disconcerted by the strength of emotion emanating from the vision Monica shifted to her knees, ready to stand, when a voice, a deep male voice, sharp with fear called out her name.

She knew she’d never heard the voice before, and yet—it was as familiar to her as the image she saw in her mirror each morning.

“Help me, Monica.”

Desperate for more clues, she searched the darkness within the flames until it sputtered and faded. With a curse she jumped up and ran for the phone. With her outstretched hand hovering over it she halted and let her hand drop to her side once more. What could she say? What would the police or rescue team think of her if she called them and told them she’d seen a vision of a man in distress?

They’d laugh in her face and classify her as a lunatic. Well, maybe not. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d contacted them with positive information but something—an instinctive gut reaction told her what she’d seen this time hadn’t happened yet. 

The Wrong Target
ISBN: Vendor: Brand:


Headmistress, Tina Blackberry and business tycoon, Ryan Thomas can't control events after Ryan's daughter steals his coveted golden arrow and takes it to school, But put Cupid on the job and nothing can go wrong, or can it?


“Goddamit,” he exploded, “Can’t you stand still for one second? I have something to say, but I can’t while you’re jogging round the room.”
She halted toe to toe in front of him. “You have me dismissed from a job I loved, because I upheld the safety of my pupils, and still have the audacity to stalk me to my holiday destination and demand I listen to you because you have something to say?” Flapping her hands at her sides, she spun away and back again, planting her hands on the chair arms, she pinned him in his place and snarled, “Let me tell you something. I’ve come here to enjoy myself and your presence isn’t part of my plan.”
 “What is your plan?” he demanded.
“To get laid!”  Astonishment pushed her away from the chair, her eyes wide, her lips curved up in a defiant sneer. “I intend to find myself a man and screw the living daylights out of him. And,” she paused deliberately, “I don’t need you for that.”

eTreasures =

Duty Calls
EBook ISBN: 978-0-9832681-0-9
She’d saved his life…

Rafe Hawk refuses to accept the inheritance, of a large English estate, and the title that goes with it, after his birth father’s death because the man chose duty over the woman he loved and their son.

So when he finds himself temporarily living at Kinsale Hall, he’s not prepared to trust anyone associated with the place, including Trudi Delaney and her daughter.
So why, when he looks into their eyes, does he suddenly remember a woman who vanished without a trace after saving his life one stormy night ten years earlier?

Now he could destroy hers.
Instinct warns Trudi Delaney the arrival of the contemptuous American architect at Kinsale Hall will change her life forever. Especially when she discovers he spends so much of his time in areas of Kinsale Hall off-limits to visitors.

Eleven years after escaping from her psychotic husband with a stranger, she’s still plagued by nightmares of events she can’t remember. Events such as, who fathered her beautiful daughter?
Now, more than a decade later, she is confronted by another stranger. Will this one destroy everything she holds dear?

“Stop the car!” Rafe Hawk swung round to face the driver. “I recognise this road. You never said the commission to build those retirement units was at Kinsale Hall. You know damn well I swore never set foot in the place again, eleven years ago.”

Rage hazed his vision. “You knew I’d refuse the commission if you’d revealed the location, and because you withheld that vital information, Arthur, this contract is null and void.” He shot forward in his seat when Arthur tramped on the brakes.

His friend from their Uni days skewed round in his seat. “How long have we known each other?”
Startled by Arthur Clifton’s question, Rafe hesitated. “What’s the length of our friendship got to do with anything? Other than the fact you’re stretching it very thin, if you think I’ll set foot on Kinsale territory again.” He swung open the car door and leaped out, his fingers tunnelling through his windswept hair.

Brilliant blue skies overhead offered a large playground for the early summer sunshine, and the fluffy white clouds sailing by. He saw the high chimney-tops through the trees.

“Do you really think I’d bring you here without a very good reason?” Arthur remained in his seat, his hands on the steering wheel, watching Rafe pace up and down the soft verge beside the open-topped car.

“I can’t think of a single reason good enough that justifies you resurrecting events that nearly cost me my life, and possibly cost the life of an unknown woman.”

AT the time of writing, Duty Calls is up at for 0.99$

The Brat
Print ISBN 1-60154-825-7(this is on the ebook version)

The Blurb:

Gina Williams has a secret and prays it is buried with her childhood persecutor, Anna Kouvaris, as discovery will ruin her reputation as a famous children’s author. She soon discovers the son, Ben Kouvaris, new owner of her publishing company, has uncovered her past and is making demands. Will he ruin her career if she doesn’t comply?

Ben kouvaris is blown away by the unknown beauty at his estranged mother's funeral, and when his father demands he marry, immediately, to secure the family business, he knows just who he wants as his temporary bride. But can Ben persuade Gina to trust him?


“You’re no better than your mother. I was a child when your mother ordered my life, but I’m a grown woman now and won’t be ordered around by you or anyone else. So don’t stand there sanctimoniously telling me it is your right to control my life for the next ten months. And when they end, what then? You drop your control, just like that? I doubt it. There’s not a Kouvaris on this planet that isn’t a control freak.”

She drew in a deep breath, glared at him when she came to a brief stop in front of him. “You’ll keep tabs on me, tell me what to do and when…”

“Why would I do that?” Cold as steel, Ben’s voice cut across her tirade, but it didn’t stop her.
“Because you’ll tell me it will impact on your reputation, or the company profile, or the value of the shares. How would I know? You’ll have a reason and expect me to abide by your ruling.” She spun away from him and back again. “Oh, I nearly forgot. As your ex-wife, someone may use me to get to you. Wasn’t that how you put it when we arrived in Greece?”

Hands fisted on her hips, her hair plastered against her fiery cheeks, she watched the colour climb up his neck and into his face. Until she heard the words hang in the air, she hadn’t known they were there. But she knew they’d hit their target head on.  (The Brat is currently discounted at TWRP)

How do you come up with the names of places and characters in your books?

In the strictest sense, I don’t come up with the names of my characters or the places and settings. My characters turn up and tell me their names and then give a picture of where they are.  It develops from there.  This can be a curse and a blessing.  I am not a plotter, so I can go off at a tangent any time – the downside of that is I often find myself at a dead-end.

Occasionally I recognize the scene I am given, and when that happens, as it did in Duty Calls I can either visit the place/area or troll the ‘net for information.
How did you develop the character of your protagonist in this book?

Melanie Babcott, in From Now Until Forever turned up ‘fully formed’ and knowing exactly how the story would develop.  I have to admit her use of a garbage truck had me almost crying with laughter!

What about an antagonist…is there a unique “bad guy” or a recurring nemesis of any kind?

Charles deBonet was totally different, he arrived, his intention very clear, but I couldn’t ‘see’ him and he morphed and re-morphed a couple of times during the writing.  He became more evil, and dark than I first anticipated or ever intended.

What’s your favorite thing about your books?

There have been a couple of occasions when I have not enjoyed the writing process of a book, with From Now Until Forever I enjoyed every second of writing it.

How is writing in the genre you write, different than other genre?
I’m not sure I know how to answer this one, but will give it a shot.  While staying within the romance genre, you will also find Fantasy and Sci Fi.  These are genres I will never attempt.  I have a huge respect for authors who can create new worlds and make them totally believable and enjoyable, but sadly do not have either wit or the talent to try either of them. 

Why and when did you begin writing?

As a child I read a lot, and at times I thinking I could have made a better job of the book.  Eventually I kind of dared myself to put ‘my pen where my ego was’ and see what happened.  Of course I soon discovered writing demands much more than putting pen to paper, there is so much more you have to know about the intricacies of writing and of the story you intend to put out there.

What is your writing schedule?

I could say ‘what schedule?’  And while circumstances mean I do not manage a regular writing slot every day, I do find I get more writing done late at night.

What projects are you working on now, or plan for the future?

(At the time of writing) I am about to enter the world of ‘edits’ for my Valentine Story, His Chosen Bride, which is the second of what looks like turning into a four-book series about the Gasquet Brothers.  All princes, who have to overcome many personal hurdles and beliefs before their find the other half of themselves.

What kind of advice or tips to you have for someone who wants to write and get published?
First, in today’s environment, decide which kind of publishing/publisher you are aiming for and then research as many as possible, read their authors, study their style and get your butt on the chair and write.
Find your own voice and be true to it, but remain adaptable enough to fit in with your chosen target’s house-style of writing.
Believe in yourself and enjoy the friendships you will make in the worlds of writers, authors and readers.

Are there any other comments, advice or tips that you would give to beginning writers?

Don’t give up – ever.

What do you do when you are not writing?
I covered this is my bio, but briefly, I enjoy reading, and now do reviews for several online sites.
I enjoy walking and gardening and crystal crafting to recap on a few.

What “Made It” moments have you experienced in life?

Meeting and holding my son in my arms for the first time.
And in the writing world in the writing world, receiving my first book contract followed by seeing it up for sale, and reading the first review I ever got.
Acceptances of all my other books are close behind this first elation.

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Note from Sylvia: You can visit my other blog at: features a preview to my new book released in 2012, Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts.

He found his soulmate and got married  H


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