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Monday, December 19, 2011

Troy's Miracles a Compelling Story Told by Terry Lee Rambo a Mother Who Lost Her Child

After Terry Lee sent me her information for the interview, I decided to break my standard format this time because what she had to say flowed.  I did not want to interrupt her story with my insertions. When you read this, I think you will understan why.
I was born Terry Lee Rhodes on October 5, 1953 in a little spot in northwestern Kentucky on the Ohio river called Uniontown, which would immediately mark me as a local “river rat.” The oldest of five children; two brothers came close behind and two sisters finished up the pack. 
We had a multitude of family members living all around us, the greatest being our maternal grandparents and great grandmother just across the street. There was always tons of love to keep us warm and from the outside looking in we were a wonderful family. Unfortunately, our father had a very dark side to him that would result in the cops toting him off to jail in handcuffs when I was 13 years old.
 Restless and craving adventure I went through many jobs, had three husbands and a wonderful son and daughter. After following my third husband around the United States for thirty years I found myself alone in Indiana at the age of 56. My daughter had moved, my husband had divorced me and my first-born child died in an automobile accident. But was I really alone? Within the pages of my first book, Troy’s Miracles is what I believe is irrefutable proof that my prayers were answered, and that my son remains on Earth as my special angel.
Troy’s Miracles is a memoir; not chosen by but given to me. After my son passed, others and I began to receive little miracles, a feather left in a perfect spot at the exact moment we were thinking of him. A deer stopped by an invisible hand; an automobile heading for a ditch on an icy roadway suddenly stopping for no apparent reason. There were so many flowers showing up that I lost count. The night shortly after the funeral, when I was trying to fall asleep in his bed, anguished and sobbing uncontrollably, I felt the softest touch of an angel’s wings as I was enveloped in its gentle arms.  Then Troy’s father told me of an unbelievable miracle he received from our son, and that’s when I knew I had to let the rest of the world know; there truly is a heaven. There were just so many instances and stories that I decided to put them all into print in the hopes that they might help other mothers who had lost a child. Little did I know the many others’ it was going to help?

Troy’s Miracles: Published in December 2010 by Continental Shelf Publishing, LLC
 ISBN 978-098225839-2 Hardcover edition $18.88
ISBN 978-098225838-5 Softcover edition $14.88 both autographed editions can be purchased from my web site:
It is also available from my publisher, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and other bookstores.
I am still amazed that I actually wrote this book and continue to believe I had angelic assistance. I sat down at the computer in May of 2010, finished the book in July and it was out in print just in time for Christmas; a true miracle.  Part of that miracle included my publisher Murray Silver, Jr.; an author of several books himself. One of which the movie “Great Balls of Fire” was made about the life of Jerry Lee Lewis. I was led to him completely by what I believe was “divine intervention” on a vacation with my family. As we were talking about his book, “Behind the Moss Curtain,” I ended up telling him the story about my son. He thought I had a story the world needed to hear and offered to help me publish it. Thanks to his encouragement, I was able to come home and write the book I had been thinking about. Once I started writing, the words just flowed. There was no schedule and I was all alone (except, maybe, for my special angel).
Friends and family love Troy’s Miracles and ask when I am coming out with the follow up and one person even told me I should write children’s books. I wonder - will I ever write again or is this it? I do not know. I do not have any plans at this time but who knows what the future will bring? Right now, I am busy helping those who need comfort and hope and enjoying being able to help them through my son. I also have four grandchildren that fulfill my life; the oldest is Troy’s daughter Jaidan.
To anyone who has ever dreamed of writing a book I say, “Just do it!” You never where it might lead or how many doors it might open. Like Forrest Gump’s mother said, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.”
     When Troy’s Miracles was finished, I knew I’d finally “Made it!”
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